There was a time when people could not imagine that they can time with the speed they can speak. But in the modern time, it is possible to write at almost the same speed of speaking. This amazing thing has been possible through the development of voice synthesizer. Writing with a keyboard is often time-consuming. And to achieve the skill of fast typing, one has to type regularly and need some time. Speech to text app solved these problems. It is a faster method than writing manually or typing with a typewriter. In this method, the speaker speaks the lines and the app converts it into writings. These apps often come with some special command and features like command search, speech launch etc. These apps make writing easier and more fun. But as any other technology, this has some merits and demerits too.

speech to text

The Benefits of using a speech to text program:

•    A person does not need to type anything. The app converts the speech to text. Speaking is easier than typing something. This helps to get the job one in a lesser time and also with lesser efforts.

•    Speech to text system saves time. A person can speak faster than his/her typing speed. It saves almost one-third of the time when writing something important.

•    This system allows people to get the output from any place. Usually a laptop, desktop or tablet needs a specific position to work. But with a speech to text app, anyone can get text outputs at anywhere.

•    Looking at the screen constantly for a long time is harmful to the eyes. Speech to text output has relieved people from this. A person does not need to look at the screen all the time. The voice recognition measures the words and types them accordingly. Just a final read-up will define the problems.

•    Use of input devices has reduced. It helps to save some cost. And also typing with a keyboard requires a particular set-up. This has solved this problem.
However, nothing can be flawless. There are some cons for this system too. Complexity, people’s pronunciation difference, slower error fixing etc. has made this software lose some potentials.

The cons of using a speech to text program:

•    Usually, the user needs some time to understand the procedures of the app. The app needs proper configuration to understand the voice of the user. And the user need proper pronunciation to make the app useful.

•    The whole voice recognition process has yet some point that needs to be developed. The apps that are available in the market are usually slow to open. And sometimes the app writes down wrong words if the speaker talks very fast. And these apps always require loud speaking. It often becomes irritating for the people nearby and sometimes it's not possible to speak loudly.

•    The correction process is complex. First, the speaker needs to say “Correct words” or similar to start a correction. And then the word to select the word and new word to replace that.

With time these apps will be developed. The developers will solve the problems to serve the users better.